/ Review:

Maria Taniguchi

Art Agenda

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/ Group show:

Alex Ruthner

It is the fate of glass to break (2017) is currently on long-term view at Kunsthalle Bielefeld in Germany. 

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/ Review:

Michael Portnoy


“There’s no satire quite like the present, a fact that poses a funny challenge to contemporary comedy – or at least threatens it with redundancy.”

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/ Residency:

Devin Farrand

Marble House Project, Vermont

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/ Review:

Magnus Edensvard

Financial Times

“‘Dealers holding on to the idea of a white cube gallery in central London are struggling, but there are also opportunities,’ says Magnus Edensvard, the founder of Ibid Gallery, who this year closed his permanent London space after 16 years in the capital. The gallery still operates in Los Angeles, where it opened in 2016, and remains in business in London in new guises.”

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/ Group show:

Maria Taniguchi


Centre Pompidou, Paris
15 June – 11 September 2017

Their works above all touch on an erosion of certainties, engaging in artistic meditations on discordant truths. The abolition of time and space in the digital condition marshals together, on the same plane, the most contemporary of technologies and ancient skills revived. It is through such dyschronic moments that these works interrogate the regimes of knowledge of both past and present.”

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— Maria Taniguchi —>

/ Review:

Richard Hamilton
Carlo Mollino
John Stezaker

Ibid Gallery

“Those who seek to interpret collages not only keep in mind the effects a particular work might have on a viewer (surreal and uncanny are old sawhorses) but also that they must record the respective histories of the individual pieces of the whole, relaying how images and text can be repurposed, retooled, and resignified. In this way the technique has been proposed as a thoroughly modern or postmodern (pick your poison) media.”

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— Blackout —>

Jānis Avotiņš
In Praise of Shadows

Cassina Projects, New York
3 May – 4 August 2017

Preoccupied by collective memory and how history gradually effaces anonymous individuals, in this new body of work Avotiņš communicates subtly through the gaping absence of the human figure.”

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Carston Nicolai
unREAL. The Algorithmic Present

Haus der elektronischen Kunst, Basel
8 June – 20 August 2017

“unREAL is an exhibition that attempts to confront the digital present through the very means of technological intervention both as critical examination as well as alternative prospects.”

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Now online:

Christoph Weber

Recent exhibitions and an archive of past work by Christoph Weber are now accessible online.

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David Adamo
Symphonic Poem

39 Great Jones, New York
May – June 2017

Storefront windows at the New York location of Galerie Eva Pressenhuber are home to
39 Great Jones, an exhibition space curated by Ugo Rondinone. David Adamo’s current exhibition Symphonic Poem includes a painted bronze donut amidst metronome shells made of cherry wood.

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Michael Portnoy
Spike Art Magazine

“In a separate car, I’ve been briefed by KW staff. They’ve given me explanatory texts by Portnoy, as well as a non-disclosure agreement covering aspects of the performance that might compromise the subject’s privacy. The banker has signed a different agreement, which includes permission for me to be present.”

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Rodrigo Matheus
Hermès, Geneva

An interview with Rodrigo Matheus in
Go Out! Magazine on the occasion of his recent Hermès window displays.

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Carsten Nicolai

St.-Anna-Kapelle, Krobitz
24 June – 10 September 2017

The work can be broadly considered as a musical instrument and draws inspiration from early designs for a pyrophone from the late 18th century. In contrast to traditional (church) organs, the sounds are produced by flames that cause glass cylinders to resonate. “

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Curated by Thomas Linder
Set the Table

BBQLA, Los Angeles
Opening 24 June 2017

Thomas Linder will curate the upcoming group exhibition Set the Table at BBQLA. Just around the corner from Ibid Gallery, the artist-run space is organized by Thomas Linder, Timo Fahler, and Adam Beris. 

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Rallou Panagiotou
Instructions for Happiness

21er Haus, Vienna
8 July – 5 November 2017

“Instructions for Happiness is dedicated to the personal pursuit of happiness. Using behavioural guidelines, the works of participating artists invite responses to simulated situations through the use of objects or by interacting with others – or simply provoke the processes of thought.”

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Rodrigo Matheus

Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade
14 July – 21 August 2017

FADE IN 2: EXT. MODERNIST HOME – NIGHT is curated by the Swiss Institute with Julie Boukobza and produced by Balkan Projects. Screening program organized in collaboration with Jugoslovenka kinoteka / Yugoslav Film Archive, Belgrade.

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/ Courtyard Sculpture Project

James Herman
Rallou Panagiotou

Summer 2017

On display in the Ibid Gallery courtyard this summer are two showers by James Herman and Rallou Panagiotou. James Herman’s Shower Tower (2017) was recently included in his Ibid Gallery solo exhibition ​Glass Island Studio. Rallou Panagiotou’s Outdoor Shower Cameo Blue (2015) was most recently included in the three-person exhibition Vanilla and Concrete at Tate Britain.

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